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Handloom Scenario and the Structure of co-op. Societies

As weaver nimble fingers lovingly play over the looms, rare artistry begins to unfold like a symphony composed by a skilled musician, the fabric woven has its own exquisite harmony.

Warp by warp, weft by weft almost in every village of A.P. lives the weaver, zealously guarding a legacy handed down the generations.

The Handloom Societies in Andhra Pradesh are organised as a two tier structurel societies in the village called Primary Handloom weaver's co-operative society. The APEX society at the State level called A.P. State Handloom Weavers' Co-operative society Ltd. (APSHWCS), popularly called as APCO.

The Handloom fabrics of A.P. will inspire your imagination…. And create the kind of aura you have always dreampt about. The range is wide and includes in a variety of colors, Silks, Tie & Dye materials, Durries, Dress materials………enough to dress a King or Queen and decorate a place.

The APCO Fabrics is a Govt. controlled and managed body coordinates the procurement and export of Hand loomed fabrics from A.P.

Export : Way back in 10th & 11th Centuary AD, the Handmade textiles of A.P has been in great damand in Far East and the Arab World. It was the Arab who introduced this exquisite range of fabrics in Europe.

The ruling dynasty at that period was Persian in origin, maintaing a close relationship with Iran. Exchange of trade and craftsman was encouraged. Persian craftsmen came to A.P and worked with the local craftsman at Golconda, the Old Capital of as well as at Machilipatnam, Warangal and other important handloom centers. This wide exposure and interchange of ideas resulted into an unique blend of designs, colors and textures. Today, A.P. is renowned for its fine range of silk brocades and cottons, each having a very special identity that sets it  apart.

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The marketing network of APCO is carried through its extensive sales outlets numbering (179) Out of which (157) are located within the State of Andhra Pradesh and (22) Inter-state outlets are located outside the State of Andhra Pradesh

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